Another second opinion - by Kristen Worley

The upcoming IOC Gender Summit in Miami Florida in January prior to the Vancouver Winter Games in February – We must assure Canada is at the table in these meetings, as Canada has proven leadership over the last several years and most recently with our efforts leading the issues of gender in sport, the need to support diverse bodies in sport, impact on women in sport, anti-doping - TUE success, and moreover the massive human rights implications that the IOC has created fraught with ignorance in world sport, by their policies that have been in past created in a silo by few, when should be opened to experts, not just in Canada but universally around the world as these decisions by few, will effectively effect the entire system.

The IOC got is grossly wrong with the Stockholm Consensus six years ago, with the very same “experts”, some being orthopedic surgeons making decisions on gender. Makes you wonder at this level, when logic tells you, you would never hire a orthopedic surgeon to do neurosurgery, then why is it okay then for the IOC to let a orthopedic surgeon become a gender expert?  It really begs a lot of questions of the IOC’s process let alone qualifications to such an important matter, effecting all sport? --------

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