Kennel Breslau's - Bull Terrier

Since 1978 we've been breeding dogs for head, bones and substance all blended in a healthy package. We are the oldest active Bull Terrier kennel in Denmark with a registered kennel name.

Our goal have always been and are still NOT only to breed to please allround judges taste, but to bred Bull terriers, who can also compete succesfully under breeder judges.  

We don't want to breed 'blameless noneties' and are not fault finders. We are looking for virtues and each fault, we will consider according to the degree of the fault itself and   compared to the entire picure of the dog. We are breeding for breed type, max. substance and bones according to the size of the dog plus the egg shaped head, which make a bull terrier totally unique compared to all other dog breeds.    

Our own well-established blood lines have given us the position as one of the leading Bull Terrier kennels in Denmark, and our kennel has obtained top results outside of Denmark as well.

Visitors to our kennel are welcome but only by appointment. In order to make an appointment, please go to the 'Contact section' - menu area at left side of this homepage.


We have obtained titles in the categories 'The most winning BT in Denmark' and 'Best In Opposite Sex' many times in the Danish Terrier Clubs annual competition.

To mention some of the latest:

Best BT dog in 1994 
Bull terrier of the year 1995
Bull Terrier number 3 1996
Bull Terrier number 2 & 3 1997
Bull terrier of the year 1998
Best BT dog in Denmark 1999
2.nd most winning Bull Terrier in Denmark 1999
2.nd most winning Bull Terrier Bitch in Germany 1999.
Bull Terrier of the year 2005

Bull terrier of the year 2009
Bull Terrier of the year nr. 4 2009 (second most winning bitch)
Bull Terrier of the  year 2010 nr. 2 INTCH Brauner's Buller (bred on our blodlines for generations)
Bull Terrier of the year 2011 Danmar Bull's Aspect of Love Bahea sired by our stud dog Homer vom Bressendorff Lakonga.
Bull Terrier of the year 2011 number 5 and 10 based of the results from only 2 shows both:  Breslau's Waltzing Matilda and her litterbrother Breslau's Gaylord.

Despite the fact that we have had relatively few litters (approx. 1 pr. year), we have bred/owned 
39 Danish champions 
3 Swedish champions 
2 Finnish champion
1 Estonian Champion
1 Russian champion 
2 German champions 
2 Luxembourg champions 
3 International champions
1 Mexican Champion
1 Latin American champion 

Furthermore titles as Memorial Trophy (Best white dog on the Continent) at The 22. C.E.T.S., Belgium '98. Winner of "The Heibporn Trophy Bullterrier" for best movements all bullterriers at the GBF Clubschau '98

We have during the years increased the narrow genetical gene pool of B.T. in Denmark by importing good B.T.´s from reputable breeders worldwide included using the frozen semen  all the way from the US. We also have allowed our stud dogs to be available for all other breeders without any narrowminded limitnes. The only must for us is: The bitch should be healthy and in good condition. We have never been afraid of the possibility to be "beaten" in the showring by offspring of our own stud dogs born in other kennels :-) We find it best for the breed to allow the good genes to work widely creating new combinations and possibilities🙂.   

We have exported to many countries: Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Hungary and USA, and we are happy to see our blood continue and actually are behind in the pedigrees of quite a few top dogs outside the borders of Denmark 🙂. Our blood line is strongly represented in Denmark in general and are also behind the pedigrees of many Danish kennels´ breeding stock.    

... more to come.

We have won numerous breeding classes and honor prizes through the years under world known breeder judges in connection with the annual special show for Bull Terriers in Denmark 'The Open Show of Bull Breeds in Denmark'

To mention some:

  • Bärbel von Kralik, Kennel Little Kings, Germany

  • Elisabeth Küpper-Trahn* Kennel Imperator, Germany

  • Josef Schneider, Kennel Zanadu, Austria

  • Espen Thygesen* Kennel Quest, Norway

  • Juliet Shaw, Kennel Badlesmere, England

  • Carol Larkin, Kennel Booksale, England/South Africa

  • David Harris, Kennel Brummagem, USA

  • Eric Stanley, Kennel Aricon, England

  • 1998 Werner Constanz, Germany and Claus Brzezinski*, Kennel Imperator, Germany

  • 1999 Ingrid Borchorst, Denmark

  • 2000 Deirdre Bateman, Kennel Eirdred, England

  • 2001 David C. Merriam, Kennel Broadside,USA

  • 2002 Danny and Linda McGregor, Kennel Merlindan, England

  • 2003 Mark Philips, Kennel Bullyon, England 

  • 2004 Susan Murphy, Kennel Jarrouge's, USA

  • 2005 Danny Gilmore, Kennel Dunbritton, England

  • 2006 Tony Kersey, Kennel Kalsar, England    

  • 2007 Chris Kilpatrick, Kennel Kilacabar, England

  • 2008 Ron Scott, Kennel Doonhamer, England

  • 2009 Franne Berez, Kennel Action, USA 

  • 2010 Joesef Schneider, Kennel Zanadu, Austria **  

  • 2011 Mrs. Deidre Bateman, Kennel Eidred, England 

  • 2012 MR Michael Thompsson, Kennel Sagacious, Sweden 

  • * = not authorized  judge by the FCI.
  • * * We change our annual Open Sow of Bull Breeds in Denmark to a CAC show in connection with the world winner show in Denmark 2010

What will the future bring for our kennel?  We have plenty of ideas and we have never had so much good material in our kennel as today. Lovely bitches of great type and excellent pedigrees carrying the invaluable GHABAR Blood in a very high concentration. We have for many years been hopelessly devoted to the Ghabar lines, and it's our target to try to maintain the Ghabar bloodline in good shape after Bob and Audrey Edmond is no more among us.. Not an easy task! So we hope to be able to secure, that the big bully Ghabar type will still be seen in the show rings in Scandinavia and Europe. 

In 2011 we got a beautiful litter of 7 puppies out of frozen semen import from USA. Sire of the litter AMCH Dajan Top Act with Action ROM Mother DKCH Bullenoiea's Fanny Vom Bressendorff (Quest/Ghabar/Emred blodlines)  Best boy Breslau's Stardust and Best girl Breslau's Gypsy Rose we'll keep for ourselves.      
Furthermore in week 50 2011 we recieved home to Denmark 2 matings of frozen semen from AMCH Action Head Games ROM and 1 more frozen mating from AMCH Dajan Top Act With Action ROM and 1 mating frozen semen from AMCH Action Dreams Come True ROM. All stud dogs full health tested. The line breeding can begin based on these stud dogs in a carefully planned breeding program !!!. 

Many thanks to our dear friend through many years Mrs. Franne Berez, Action USA for all her support plus making this adventure possible. 

Also many thanks to our friend Agnes, kennel Bigshot, The Netherlands for her great help and assistance in connection with our litter of puppies out of AMCH Dajan Top Act With Action R.O.M . 



Kim Bressendorff 36 years old When I was "young" :-)

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